What’s up with WordPress?

I’ve been using WordPress for almost 3 years now and implement it in my consulting work as the blog software of choice. Over the years there have been issues with upgrades (like the move from 1.5 to 2.0, for example) but the community always got the new version stable within a few weeks.

While it’s too early to tell at this point, version 2.3 seems to be the most problematic upgrade yet. After taking this blog up on the day it was released, I upgraded my wine blog a few days later. After a week of MySQL errors with plug-ins and various other misadventures, I restored back to 2.2.3 last weekend. I think I’ll stay there for a while but still keep this blog on the latest build to monitor progress.

There’s a lot to like about the new WordPress so I’m hoping Matt and the team get this one stable shortly.

Testing Feed Aggregator Plug-in

Just a quick test of the FeedWordPress plug-in. If all works well, a few wine reviews will be imported after this…

Update: Worked great… scroll down to June 14th to see the reviews from my Snooth feed. Will have to set this up on Winecast a bit later in the day.

How does Blicki work?

I’m looking for a very simple way to turn a WordPress page into a wiki for my wine blog so I came up with a couple possibilities, DokuWiki and Blicki. Since the latter is written by the author of WordPress I installed it and created a wiki page. After looking at the zillions of things on the options page and fiddling with the page I created, it appears to be working but the “edit” function is not showing up for some reason. All my web searching has turned up next to nothing on the documentation front even thought the plug-in is a year old. I’ll continue to futz around with this before trying DokuWiki…

Nice Work, Matt

I just made the jump to beta 1 of WordPress 2.1 and things seem to be working fine so far (no broken plugins, etc.). Maybe I’ll get really brave and turn back on the visual HTML editor 😉

A review once I live with it a while but for WordPress folks this is a really big upgrade. Oh, and a new stable release of WordPress came out today so I’ve got another 4 blogs to upgrade to 2.0.6…

PS: Autosave of posts is wicked cool, man!