Great Windows 7 Demo Spots

This is just great marketing, showing off key features of your new OS in 7 second chunks (get it?). My favorite so far is:

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Review of Best Buy’s mIQ Posted at Minnov8

Almost two years ago I agreed to participate at Minnov8, a group blog focused on innovation in web technology here in Minnesota. The brainchild of my friend Steve Borsch, I haven’t really participated very consistently except for our weekly podcast. So I thought I would help correct this by posting a review of Best Buy’s mIQ service there today. I hope to get a post over there at least once every week or two… we’ll see how that works out. Next time it will be about Twin Cities wine stores embracing social media so at least I have a topic to think about for the next few days…

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What Were They Thinking?

I’m not sure what to say about this internal Microsoft video leaked onto YouTube… how anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me even for internal use. My mouth was literally open the first time I played it; “enjoy”:


Note: Aggregator readers might have to click back to see the video.

Update 4/17: I don’t buy it’s a spoof, just sayin’