What Were They Thinking?

I’m not sure what to say about this internal Microsoft video leaked onto YouTube… how anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me even for internal use. My mouth was literally open the first time I played it; “enjoy”:


Note: Aggregator readers might have to click back to see the video.

Update 4/17: I don’t buy it’s a spoof, just sayin’

Think Secret R.I.P.

Think Secret R.I.P.

As a user and fan of Apple since 1984 it just doesn’t seem right to see them silence Think Secret. By all accounts the blogger in question did well and will use his experience, and presumably Apple’s settlement, to better himself in the future. I also know everyone has their price but it seems Apple legal just went after a blogger and silenced them because they could. I wonder what they would have done if Engadget or Gizmodo had published the same stories?

This will come back negatively on the folks in Cupertino; I know I feel differently about the Apple brand today.

R.I.P. Think Secret.