Talkin’ WordPress at MN Blogger Conference

MN Blogger Conference logoIt seems like yesterday I was asked to speak at the 2nd Minnesota Blogger Conference but its been several weeks. The big day is just about 4 days away now so I should get serious about my session on migrating from another blogging platform to WordPress (I plan to cover Blogger, Typepad/Moveable Type, Posterous, Tumblr, Joomla and Drupal). I will also lead an ad hoc Q&A session on WordPress.

If you are here in the Twin Cities this Saturday and a blogger, stop by. Last year was a great event and I expect this year to be even better. Complete details are here.

Returning To Regular Blogging Shortly…

Tumbleweed in a ghost town

…and it won’t be about lifestreaming 😉

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Twitter: Dysfunctional Chatroom or River of Ideas?

Over the past week I’ve unsubscribed from hundreds of blogs to make my life a little more manageable. Between two Google Reader accounts I followed nearly 500 feeds. The signal to noise ratio was too low so I cut back to 65 feeds on each reader (a somewhat arbitrary number but seems to work well for me). Since then, I’m able to finish my blog reading in a much shorter period of time and I feel I’m not missing anything important.

Twitter logoBut I noticed something interesting as I followed more people on Twitter: I got more out of the time I spend reading it. I also find a ton more interesting blog posts from places I don’t know about. So far this week I’ve added nearly 100 new people to my personal Twitter feed and I hope to add about as many more by this weekend. The best source of new people to follow comes from people I have followed in the past; I just look at who they are following.

While some might find Twitter a dysfunctional chatroom and a waste of time, I’m finding it a river of ideas.

Erased? My Ass!

Robert Scoble: the man, the legend ;-)OK, so now Scoble is on the warpath against Facebook for “erasing” him after he hacked their service. If I, or any number of non A-list numskulls did the same, nobody would be the wiser. But Robert is cut from a different cloth and is now complaining about data deleted once his Facebook account was restored because HE’S A FREAKIN’ FAMOUS BLOGGER!

Note to the folks at Plaxo: I’ll be your lab-rat for the next round and I bet the result is different. I’ll be VAPORISED from Facebook for being a Z-lister (and proud of it, BTW).

For the record, I’ve met and talked with Robert a few times and have always thought him to be the nice guy you read on his blog, etc. I’m pissed he’s taken Facebook to task for enforcing their terms of service. Enough is enough; let is rest, etc.

You want to be “erased” Robert, then walk a mile in my shoes… (for the record, Facebook and the rest of the free services, can silence me but I’ll still sling hash here on my own dine).