Matias Duarte on the philosophy of Android…

“Honeycomb was kind of that emergency landing.” — so that explains it.

Head To Head: Siri Vs. Google Voice Actions

Some interesting findings here… apparently Siri is just a personality layer on top of search.

The Best Android Tablets Are Just eReaders?

Mushroom cloudPerhaps my enthusiasm was misplaced for the upcoming Amazon tablet? In just a couple days we will know for sure but it looks like the most “successful” Android tablets this holiday season will be color eBook readers that have heavily customized user interfaces nothing like stock Android. And new entrant Amazon Kindle Fire is just a “stopgap” and not the real deal.

So I might just pickup the new Nook Color this year. Or a refurb iPad 2. We’ll see which in November unless Amazon pulls one out of the hat on Wednesday.

At present there is no tablet market. Only an iPad market.

Photo via Wikipedia