9/11 Changed Everything

My favorite Steve Jobs speech is his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. In under 15 minutes he gives three stories from his life that when connected backward was significant in his life.

World Trade Center on fire, September 11, 2001Today as I watched the 9/11 commemorations on TV, I remembered my own 9/11 story. No, I wasn’t in New York or Washington DC that day but in Chicago’s loop in the shadow of the Sears Tower. That day we thought we might be another target but it turned out we were as safe as anyone else outside of the target cities. But as I connect the dots in my life from 9/11 to the present, my life was dramatically altered as a result of the terrorist acts that terrible day.

Like most people, what most effected my post-9/11 life was economic. The dotcom collapse soon after the events of that day displaced me from my job. Choices made afterward, all tactical and seemed to make sense at the time, did not turn out the way I would have liked. Reactions since have been to just get by.

Tomorrow starts another era for me and I hope it does for a lot of other people. We can’t change what happened on 9/11 but we can change how we life our lives now. Ten years of reaction and remembrance is enough. Let’s start what comes next tomorrow. I’m getting up early to get a jump on the day. I hope you will, too.

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