Why I’m Not Upgrading To OS X Lion

Like other early adopter Mac users, the day a new version of the operating system is a group event. We used to line up to get the DVD at our local Apple Store the moment it became available and then rush home to do our clean install and then load up our applications and data.

OS X Lion logoToday’s release of OS X Lion is the first time since MacOS X 10.4 Tiger that I will not join the group upgrade. In fact, I think I will wait until my next planned hardware upgrade sometime next year before I use the new version. It’s not a matter of cost (a very reasonable $30) or hassle (the download/install from the App Store makes this upgrade trivial). I just don’t find this upgrade compelling.

When the details of OSX Lion were announced about a month ago I was intrigued with several features. In fact the file versioning alone seemed to justify the upgrade. But the more I read about the other changes I didn’t like the merging of iOS UI elements and other changes to the user experience. I’m all for progress but don’t think this trend is good for my personal productivity. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I had an iPhone or iPad but MacOS X Snow Leopard works fine for me.

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