Your Google Profile Is The New Resume

When Google Profile first came out, I looked at it and filled in a few details. Like a lot of social networking services, I lost interest and let it stay fairly sparsely populated as I didn't see a ton of value. If people wanted to know something about me they could Google my name and find my blogs, Twitter accounts, resume and other digital breadcrumbs easy enough. But my opinion of Google Profile changed over the past couple weeks with the launch of Google Buzz. And I think your Google Profile might be as valuable to your personal brand as your online resume and LinkedIn profile.

The genius of Buzz is that it's a part of Gmail, the online email service I've been using since 2004. There is no new login to remember, and no new profile to fill out; it's just a part of Gmail. And whether you think Buzz will be of value to you over Twitter or Friendfeed, there is a key difference the other services don't offer. They are not directly connected to the most dominant search engine on the planet. 

This makes Buzz an interesting service to play with but the key piece to me is it's use of Google Profile as a landing zone for people to follow your Buzz account. Unlike other social networking profiles, Google Profile allows you to aggregate all your services on one, über-indexed, page. They make the Google services painless to add but any service or link can also be included. And all of them can be connected to the Google Social Graph API which immediately updates your profile when status is updated on a connected service. To me, that makes Google Profile my new resume. 

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