An Experiment In Curation

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with a local startup called Curation Station. Their web app makes it easy for marketers to gather, curate and share web content. These days that tends to be social media like blog posts, video, photos and tweets.

So I thought I would explore curation and apply it in a couple side projects. The first is called Padable (yeah, I know) and is a cross between Minimal Mac and Lifehacker focused on Apple’s iPad. Right now it’s mostly curated media coverage but I will write original content regularly there as well.

For this site I’ve used Tumblr as the CMS. After considering my regular CMS of choice, WordPress, I wanted something that didn’t require any administration so I could focus on the content. After using it for over a week, I’m pleased with this choice since Twitter integration is super easy and posting can be done via bookmarklet, email and their very nice iPhone app.

I have another idea with one of my wine domains that I might start up if Padable builds a following. I’m hoping that with community involvement my curation will improve. Take a look and let me know what you think. Be gentle, it’s only an experiment 😉

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  1. How are you feeling about your decision to go with Tumblr so you can focus on content? It's a great idea. I've got WordPress myself and the time investment at the beginning can get lengthy as you tune each feature. You're the 2nd smart guy I've seen go that path and I've definitely taken note.

  2. It’s a good call for the experiment and almost makes me want to convert this site to Tumblr. The only issue is the theme customization which is more complex than it needs to be. Otherwise, a very solid solution.

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