The Accidental Domainer

This morning I got an idea for a new web venture in the shower; not an uncommon place for such ideas. So I went into my Go Daddy account to see if a domain was available that fit and it turned out my first choice was open. Eight dollars later (got to love that DSC7 code) I owned it and put the project on my list of things to get to yet this year in my spare time.

While I was in my account I noticed I owned over 30 domains. Some are for client projects but most are similar ideas I’ve had over the years and for one reason or another have not yet acted on. Last year I decided to simplify my domains and let several expire so I estimate I’ve owned about 50 domains since I registered this URL back in 2002. I’m currently using only 3 of my 30 personal domains for websites or blogs.

I guess that makes me somewhat of a domainer although I have no intention to sell any of the domains I have accumulated. Maybe I’ll decide to do a venture or two or at least monetize the domains currently parked. What do real domainers do, I wonder?

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