Engagement is not a fad

It’s hard to believe there are less than 80 days left in 2009 but this time of year spawns Top 10 lists of all sorts. I ran across this one of the Top 10 Brand and Marketing Trends of 2010. Value, increased customer expectations and interconnected consumer communities are the first 9 trends but the author has saved the best for last:

Engagement is not a fad; It’s the way today’s consumers do business

I’m not sure how many marketers really get how fundamental this shift is, particularly with packaged goods. True authenticity, or the clever manipulation thereof (think Betty Crocker), will be difficult for “manufactured brands.” In the wine world I spend much of my time in these days, that means those cute, critter labels are in for some tough sledding while wines made by real people that can deliver true value will thrive (Chile, Spain and Italy should do very well). Or those that are industrial will need to develop a strategy to humanize their brands (think Stormhoek).

Check out the entire post here.

Drawing by Hugh Macleod of gapingvoid.com

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