Barnes & Noble eReader Revisited

A few weeks ago I posted about how I couldn’t get the new Barnes & Noble eReader software to work. Well, I guess they got it fixed as I was able to download and read a couple book samples. Since reading a book on my computer is not my preferred format I will not review the service yet but this has me looking seriously at buying an iPod Touch. Since Apple is likely to release an upgraded Touch later this year, I will wait until then to finish these books.

It seems Barnes & Noble has put together a nice service for those of us not on the Kindle platform. Competition will only make this and the Sony ereaders better. But I’m not sure if I can justify a dedicated digital book reader unless it gets to the $99 price point. A multi-function media device like the iPod Touch seems to be a better value.

To be continued once I have a reading device…

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