Will NetFlix Change Our Viewing Habits?

Last night we watched a movie called Saints and Soldiers on NetFlix streaming. It’s an independent film produced for less than a million dollars that I had never heard of before it popped up in the NetFlix Watch Instantly queue. Generally, I put a movie in the instant queue if it has 3 or more stars and sounds interesting and this World War II drama seemed like a good choice. And it exceeded our expectations easily better than Spike Lee’s recent Miracle at St. Anna we also watched on the service.

So this got me thinking about how Web 2.0 might change the way entertainment is selected and how in the not too distant future we will no longer watch “bad” content. While there are differences in taste, these can be easily filtered with those of similar preferences making the viewing process less of a hit and miss affair. Almost all of what we watch now is either recorded on TiVo or streamed via our cable on-demand or NetFlix so filtering via meta-data will be a space to watch. NetFlix does this at a high level now; either they, or someone else, will take this down to the next logical level.

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