I Don’t Want To Read eBooks on My Laptop, But…

In my reading this morning I noticed that Barnes & Noble launched an eBook store so I checked it out. The most interesting part of their service is their device strategy which is to support computers and mobile phones including Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone. While I would probably read books on an iPhone if I had one, it’s a bit on the small side, not to mention the battery issues one would have to deal with on such a device.

To test it out I downloaded the Mac version of their reader software and went into the store to check out the selection. I immediately saw the book samples like you get for free like in Amazon‘s Kindle store and clicked on the button. Nothing happened. So I clicked on it again and it said I already owned that sample and to open the eReader software to download. When you go to the reader, there is no menu option to download. And if I go to my eBook library online I don’t see the book sample listed. So I’m stuck without a book sample to check out except their not-so-helpful documentation.

If an advanced computer user like me can’t figure out how to use this software, there is no way the mainstream will figure this out. I hope Barnes & Noble succeeds here as competition with keep Amazon and Sony honest and prices will be lower for consumers. But I’m not impressed by my first look at the eReader software on my laptop. I guess I should get that iPhone to see if it works better there.

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