The First Social Media President

Although blogging played a role in the last Presidential election cycle, it is this election where social media really made a difference. If the exit polls are to be believed, Barack Obama will be elected by a wide Electoral College margin and also carry the popular vote. You can follow along here:

What has been so interesting to me this time has been in the way the Obama campaign has used social media, particularly YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, to drive momentum and their positions on the issues. This engagement resulted in a lot of donations and campaign volunteers. In contrast, John McCain couldn’t keep his campaign videos on YouTube and really didn’t do much but scratch the surface in this social media outreach.

It’s clear to me that social media will be a deciding factor in elections from now on. And successful candidates will go to school on Obama’s strategy from this election as it might be the most successful social media campaign of all time.

If the polls are right and he wins.

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