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The single most popular post here is one I did 17 months ago about the inability for the iPod Shuffle to auto-sync podcasts from iTunes. Since then, I’ve just manually dragged my podcasts from the same smart playlist that auto-syncs fine to my 5G iPod. The Shuffle even keeps this smart playlist updated when it resyncs, removing the played episodes in the iTunes playlist. So like a lot of electronic gadgets, I’ve adapted to it’s conventions.

Even with this limitation, I have almost exclusively converted over to using my Shuffle for podcast listening. It’s size and nearly endless battery life make it the music player I always carry around with me (in my Levi’s change pocket usually). With a cassette adapter I can listen in many cars or I can just plug right into the “aux” jack. I can even plug it into my car stereo head unit with an adapter. It’s a pretty versatile music player that keeps me updated during walks and yard work.

I’ve decided I will keep my 5G iPod until it literally dies as the iPod Touch doesn’t yet have the battery life or size for my needs (my 60GB iPod has about 45GB of music and video on it currently). And when that fateful day arrives, I’m not sure if I will upgrade to a new iPod as I’m assuming I will be using my smartphone for most video and music playback (currently leaning toward the T-mobile G1 but the iPhone is not out of the question). But when my Shuffle dies, I will go to Best Buy or Target to pick up a replacement right away. It’s become so integrated into my routine that it would be missed even with the annoying sync issues.

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