The Thing That Makes Twitter Great Keeps It From Scaling

Twitter OverloadedTwitter has been barely limping by for some time now and it’s not really too surprising given that it was designed as a micro-blogging and not messaging service. And this choice is what makes Twitter still a mission-critical application for social media, giving what is posted there blog-like search indexing. If it had been build for what users are now mainly using it for — messaging — that indexing would likely be left out (you don’t see AIM caching IM conversations, do you?).

So I’m not sure what can be done to make the service function with users like Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose and Barack Obama linked to over 40,000 accounts, but some innovative hybrid of blogging and messaging needs to be invented. I hope it’s the folks at Twitter who figure this out as that’s where the community is now, but it is a big opportunity for Pownce and Google’s Jaiku not to mention new entrant Plurk.

Whoever invents a scalable solution that maintains search indexing will be the winner and might even make some money off of all those eyeballs.

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