Tim’s Tweets for 2008-05-11

  • my apologies for the lack of replies from my #Minnebar tweets yesterday… I was using the mobile version of twitter on my phone w/o replies #
  • @newcoventry as a mac user, i was very surprised that almost everyone in the audience & most presenters were using macs.. interesting 4 sure #
  • @jeremyjm thanks for letting me use the ipod cable… my PM sessions would not have been recorded otherwise… will post @minnov8 soon #
  • @pinotblogger @off_focus i assume these replies are related to the Merb session… as i tweeted, almost everything was misunderstood by me.. #
  • @wycats since i didn’t grok Merb yesterday, what is the elevator pitch? #
  • @randyhall hmm, that sort of makes sense to me… would the analogy of a linux distro work when comparing Rails to Merb? #
  • …to all moms, Happy Mother’s Day! #
  • @pinotblogger ah, i now see you were interested in the WordPress stuff… i’ll tweet when i post the podcast of the session later today… #
  • @pinotblogger here’s a link to the presenters materials; i’ll have more to add in some posts next week: http://tinyurl.com/567qo4 #

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