Tim’s Tweets for 2008-04-18

  • @jojeda i’m thinking about buying a chumby to build a simple clock-radio-rss-reader-podcast-player but can’t justify the $180 for such thing #
  • @mamodeo if you added candle-making and pottery to your list, i would have rolled my eyes 😉 #
  • signing up for socialthing… not sure if i need yet another social aggregator after friendfeed but what the heck… #
  • i’ve got 2 invites to socialthing! if anyone wants to try it out… #
  • socialthing! = friendfeed + 50% more eye candy… am i missing something? #
  • @perfectporridge hmm, that’s an interesting way to use them… thanks for pointing that out #
  • @socialthing there’s a socialthing logo by one of my tweets but it doesn’t look like it leads to a comment… is there one there someplace? #
  • @garrickvanburen if it was $99, I’d be game but for almost twice that, I don’t think so… maybe next year? #
  • @UrbanRadar you have to authorize it twice for some reason… works fine for me #
  • what’s up with slideshare today? seems like it’s been down for a long time now… #
  • writing requirements for a winery website which integrates e-commerce, point of sale, CRM, compliance, logistics, +; custom Drupal or Ruby? #
  • @THErealDVORAK why don’t you just do @veronica site with Flickr, John? #
  • @pinotblogger let’s talk about that when we are in the same room next week… @sborsch thanks for the link; will check it out… #
  • listening to the return of the gillmor gang… excellent: http://tinyurl.com/4fsvtl #
  • @pinotblogger thanks for your business, man 🙂 RE: Gillmor Gang – this is an awesome show but i like Web 2.0 train wrecks so YMMV #
  • @TechCrunch you are totally right about @gapingvoid twitter lameness on Gillmor Gang… thanks for giving @stevegillmor the gig #
  • just signed up for an expo pass for the web 2.0 conference next week… love that 100% discount code… #

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