Tim’s Tweets for 2008-04-15

  • "are you in the campaign or committment business" @jaffejuice at mima #
  • i wonder how many here at mima really understand what @jaffejuice is talking about? #
  • "your most valuable consumers might not be your customer" @jaffejuice at mima #
  • only about a third of the people are still here at mima… Q&A is the best part #
  • how come when you meet your social media friends its always weird? #
  • @pmabray i agree with you in the wine biz but in Web 2.0/tech, i’ve found actual live meetings to be awkward; at least the first time… #
  • @jaffejuice ha! sorry i missed your tweet last night but you left off the last "t"… next time, perhaps, and sorry for being awkward. etc. #
  • looks like mongolian BBQ’d for lunch today… #

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