Forget The Resume, Get A Blog

Via Twitter a few minutes ago I learned about Aaron Strout’s post announcing two job opportunities. Blogs have been used for a while now to recruit talent and any headhunter worth working with blogs these days. What I found interesting, no, innovative about this post is how prospective applicants are asked to respond.

Don’t send a resume, just blog. Or write on your Facebook wall. Or Tweet.

This is hiring in the social media age. It really makes a lot of sense because it’s difficult to make hiring decisions based upon what someone has done in the past, particularly in something like social media where a long track record is less than 4 years. But by screening applicants based upon how they use social networks and personal publishing tools, the hiring manager will quickly separate the stars from the pretenders.

Simple, direct and brilliant move, Mr. Strout. I’m sure you will find some rock-stars for those jobs.

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