Outline of Stevenote Posted? Hardly…

By way of Steve Rubel’s Tweet, I read this post about how an outline of Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote speech was posted on Wikipedia. They even repost the outline for us to get a 24 hour head start on all the announcements.

The only problem is it’s probably a hoax.

Steve Jobs in actionThat’s because Steve Jobs is not done with his speech yet; I bet he has yet to even fire up Keynote on his super tricked out Macbook Pro.

As I understand his keynote writing process, based upon what I’ve read and back-channel accounts, all of the Apple product managers have sent their white boards to Steve’s Macworld war room. These white boards contain all of the products ready or nearly ready to ship with detailed specs, key features and positioning. Steve will then pick and choose the order of announcement and then put together his slides. No one but Steve is sure what will be announced until it is; it’s just his way.

Sure, there are big product announcements that have been planned for months, such as the previously announced iPhone SDK and redesigned Macbook, that hundreds of Apple people know about but the “one last thing” is still something Steve reserves for something really special. And no way is it YouTube videos in iTunes… my money is still on the hybrid iMac/Macbook I blogged about last week.

But we will know for sure in about 24 hours.

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