Tim’s Tweets for 2007-11-30

  • jeez, almost burned down the house cooking rice while i stepped out to pick up my son… lesson learned, no cooking while outside the house #
  • @garrickvanburen: was thinking you’d like that review… the wine is widely available here in town for $8.99 or less… #
  • @eljefetwisted: point taken… ended up my orange chicken was already eaten so it’s mexican nite now 😉 #
  • looks like lots of snow here this weekend; cool #
  • @hyku: which WP version? 2.3.1? i’m having problems on my personal blog with the latest so all my production blogs are still at 2.2.3 #
  • new goal: become jibberjobber "you get it" winner… some work ahead on that one #
  • getting the snowblower out of storage and fueled… #
  • man, it’s bitter cold outside… it’s going to have to warm up a bit to get the amount of snow expected tomorrow… #

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