Is 2008 The 1992 of Conversational Marketing?

If the Internet went mainstream in 1996, then we are at around the same place in the adoption cycle right now with conversational marketing that the Internet was in 1992 according to a new survey published this week. Although awareness seems to be getting to some sort of tipping point, it seems that most marketers are still in the experimentation stage today. But by 2012 most respondents think conversational marketing will be mainstream.

My favorite takeaway:

The top obstacles to increased spending on conversational marketing, according to survey respondents:

  • Manpower restraints: 51.1 percent
  • Fear of loss of control: 46.9 percent
  • Inadequate metrics: 45.4 percent
  • Culture of their organizations: 43.5 percent

I’m not exactly sure what “Manpower restraints” means but perhaps it’s just getting more marketers up to speed with new marketing concepts. But the other three hit close to home with some of the work I’m involved with: culture and control of message are the key sticking points and metrics can always be improved.

Interesting reading; check it out here.

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