The Camino Test, Day 1

Firefox crashes for the final time...Like a lot of geeks, I have used Firefox for a number of years instead of IE on the PC or Safari on the Mac. But lately I’ve been spending more time using Safari due to instability problems with Firefox. Safari is a fine browser but for someone who spends quite a bit of time authoring in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla I find that it does not play as nicely with those platforms as I would like, so Firefox has been the standard. Until today.

That’s when it stopped responding for the last time and has been replaced by the new build of Camino. So far I’m really impressed with the speed and native Mac look and feel. And it seems to like WordPress just fine (that’s not surprising since it’s based on the same engine as Firefox). So until this let’s me down or Firefox improves, Camino will be my default browser.

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