MinneBar 2007 Wrap-up

Photo from Ben Edward's Flickr stream

Now that the podcasts have been posted and I’ve had some time to put MinneBar into perspective, I thought I would write some overall impressions.

Like I posted on Saturday, it was really great to see so many like minded technology professionals devote most of their Saturday to the event. All the sessions I attended were very well put together and ran on time. I never thought anyone was rushing to beat the clock or going on too long. So 50 minutes was the right call on session length and 10 minutes for demos. I also thought there was good diversity in subject matter represented and it’s a shame some of the other sessions were not recorded to check them out.

From a participation standpoint I didn’t really do anything but record the sessions so this is something I’ll work on (I guess you could argue I did “participate” by podcasting the sessions, but I’ll get more hands-on next time). I also didn’t have enough time to talk with a lot of people I would have liked to, but there wasn’t a lot of downtime between demos or sessions.

On the negative side, the food service was good but not nearly enough to cover the demand (I was one of the people in line who didn’t get any pizza). But given I didn’t pay anything, I really don’t have anything to complain about 😉 And the $10 sandwich I picked up across the street was tasty. The only other thing that needs to be improved is having a microphone for every presenter. Not only would this improve the podcast quality but it would also make the presentations more understandable if you are standing in the back of the room.

But these are quibbles. The bottom line is Minnebar was an excellent unconference so thanks to everyone behind getting this together but especially Ben Edwards, Luke Francl & Dan Grigsby. See you all there next time.

Photo by Ben Edwards (yes, that’s me standing on the right recording podcast 6).

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