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Just back home after MinneBar which is still going strong as a mixer but the sessions and demos are over. I have more than 4 hours of audio to mix-down and post covering the sessions I attended. I’ll also post some of the photos shortly to Flickr.

My main takeaway from the event is that there are a lot of geeks in the Twin Cities and some great Web 2.0 startups have sprouted up here. The two sessions that really stuck out for me was the discussion led by Jamie Thingelstad from Dow Jones Online with Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson from 37signals and a smaller one led by Matthew Dornquast from CrashPlan. I’ll get those podcasts posted right after I get the session opening talk up. The audio quality is not the best but I have cleaned it up to somewhat listenable levels. I’ll also post a summary of the event sometime tomorrow.

Great to see some colleagues I haven’t seen in a long time but I wish I could have spoken with them longer (or at all). But with 400+ people at the event, it was difficult to corner everyone. Next time, I’ll definitely stay for the post-conference mixer.

And now off to Flickr, then some podcast production. Stay tuned…

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