Current Weight: 204

I’ve missed a couple days blogging my weight-loss progress but I’ve been with the program and the results show this. I don’t think I’ll keep this sort of pace as around 205 is where I normally plateau for a while; we’ll see.

Took a 3 mile walk outside this morning which is much easier for me than walking on the treadmill. Something about being outdoors and reacting to the changing scheme instead of staring at the wall. I still haven’t fixed my home gym to start lifting and toning; will do this tomorrow.

I noticed from Scoble’s Twitter feed that he is on-board with this fatblogging thing; welcome aboard, Robert!

Lastly, I failed to mention the other day I was one of the guests on CalacanisCast 15 (beta) talking about fatblogging. I’ve seen Jason speak a couple times at conferences but never shook his hand; will have to do that the next time. Anyway, there is a classic introduction he gives me on the show which I will figure out how to use in one of my podcasts. You can watch it on Jason’s blog or just click the flash player below. Thanks again, Jason!


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