Twitter and the Cult of Calacanis

I signed up for Twitter yesterday to see what the the buzz was about after hearing Leo Laporte talk about it on Twit and net@nite; Jason also succumbed to the hype about the same time.

After using it for a day, I don’t see it as addictive as Leo or Jason but it is interesting from several angles. If you have several family and friends on Twitter, I can see it as somewhat useful in creating ad-hock meet-ups based upon where everyone is. Even with more famous “friends” like Jason and Leo there is a weird sort of connection that is made when an IM pops up about Twit or ordering a chicken salad at Denny’s. But this is not what I think is compelling about this service. The killer app is here is micro/mobblogging.

Jason’s entry yesterday shows this potential:

“…i have 72 followers in like five hours. does this mean i can tell folks what to do and they will do it?! like a cult.”

Uh, no, but you can reach more people with your message, man.

Twitter entries are sort of like one-liner blog posts done via a browser, mobile phone or IM client. Whenever something comes up, you can dash off a “post” to your Twitter feed. Very cool and I think somewhat more useful than just posting what you are doing and where you happen to be (but I might warm up to that aspect with time).

So there might just be something really important here… I’ll keep using Twitter and try to figure out how to monetize this…

Jason’s got some ideas:

“This twitter thing is going to be huge…. I’m going to start a network of twitter blogs around topics like gadgets, cars, and gossip….”

He might just be onto the next Weblogs, Inc. I’ll figure out something for the wine trade. Discuss…

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