Strategy or Technology?

As I continue to build my consulting business I am spending less time looking externally for employment opportunities. It’s not that I’ve given up my search for the right gig, it’s just that the “right fit” for me is narrowly focused on internet marketing and social media which most companies are clueless about right now.

So that’s what made a call yesterday so interesting. A recruiter for a local company on my target list called about a product manager position that I found to be the best fit for my skills and interests in months. It combined internet marketing and advanced planning that seemed tailor made for the application of social media. In a word, perfect (or very nearly there).

Later in the day I got another call from the same recruiter saying the company had changed their minds about the job and will now be hiring a lower level technology developer instead. That got me thinking about the cart and horse analogy of technology and strategy. Presumably this company has chosen the cart route first, as many others have without ever considering where internet marketing is headed. Technology is a commodity right now, strategy is in very short supply.

And so it goes.

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