Weird Job Search Dreams

For the past few nights I’ve been having job search related dreams which I can’t remember ever having before. In the most recent dream, I was networking with a former colleague who now works at a well known technology company and suddenly our conversation becomes a full blown interview with a dozen people in the room (how did that happen?). I respond well to this turn of events and they inform me I’m being considered for one of my handful of dream jobs there. Then one of the engineers stands up and goes to the white board and writes a complex math problem and asks how I would solve it. Since calculus is a weak point for me, I concede I’d have a difficult time solving it right then in the interview but I would be happy to take a refresher course to get back up to speed if manually solving such problems was a requirement of this marketing position (probably not likely). I then talk about understanding customer needs and building trust with the development teams, etc.

Weird, huh?

I think this has to do with an email discussion I recently had with a recruiter at Google. I’ve heard the story that everyone there has to pass a math test as part of the hiring process. Urban legend or another hurdle in my quest for my next gig?

Another strange coincidence is that the very next morning after this dream I received a Plaxo update from this former colleague. I was kind of freaked out for a minute but perhaps this dream was for some other reason; time will tell…

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