Who cares if iPhone is not really running MacOS X?

So it’s interesting to note the tone of some other bloggers who have come out negative regarding Apple’s iPhone. After the mainstream media went very positive all around, it seems that many bloggers are complaining about a closed system that could block 3rd party software developers, bad battery life and high price tag. I remain enthusiastically positive and have signed up to be one of the first to cut over at Cingular when it comes out (that’s ONLY if the subsidy brings the price closer to $300 from the $500 announced, however).

This is a historic piece of technology that will have a lasting impact on our lives like the Macintosh and iPod before it. Both are closed systems to some extent (iPod particularly) but they perform the task at hand so well we don’t really care. That’s the real magic that Apple brings to us; products that are elegant and intuitive and “just work.”

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