What’s Up Steve’s Sleeve?

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve JobsThe annual gathering of the Macintosh faithful opens today in San Francisco. As is the custom of this event, Steve Jobs will again deliver a keynote and announce all sorts of new products. The rumor sites have been rounding up the most likely scenarios, with the most buzz about an Apple phone. That seems very credible since the Wall Street Journal has reported Cingular as the U.S. carrier, but I think there will be a spin on this device that will have a lot of people talking well into the year. My guess, based upon nothing but my gut, is that the “iPhone” will be more like an iPod that can make phone calls than a phone that can play mp3’s. But this is not the kind of “…just one more thing” style of announcement Mr. Jobs likes to make at Macworld.

So I think the really big announcement today will be something a bit more stunning. Perhaps a mobile communications device like an iPod + Newton + MacOS X Lite or a tablet MacBook? We’ll know for sure in a couple hours; I’ll write-up a post-game later in the day…

Update, 11:04 am -  Hmm, most interesting… the keynote is now begining and I might just be right.

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