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Well, I can claim some sort of victory from my prediction this morning that Apple would announce a game changing tablet computer today, but I didn’t think it would be a mobile phone sized Mac! I expected something a bit closer to a Newton-esque OS but the version of MacOS X running on the iPhone looks like something really interesting from a number of angles. You can read about it here, here and here; I’m sure there will be hundreds more stories online by dinner time.

Apple's iPhone

But it’s the impact to social media that I find as interesting as the technology involved and the elegant execution by Apple’s designers and engineers. Just like when Apple added podcasts to iTunes nearly 2 years ago now, they are again changing the game for those of us who create content and distribute it online. Since the iPhone has a version of MacOS X on board along with wifi and cellular data network access, podcatching applications will be able to update and download content wherever the user is and not just when they sync with iTunes on their computer. This is game-changing and a huge shot in the arm for social media sites, particularly niche sites like mine.

I’m going to start to think of ways to create iPhone friendly pages that can be useful to readers and listeners when they are in a wine store or looking at a restaurant wine list. How we monetize this as site owners is the next question, but I think there’s a bunch of implications since iPhone is location aware (want to find a wine store close to you? how about their special offers? what about a specific wine?).

I think I’ll look back on this in a year or two and say that this is when my life changed.

Thanks, Steve!

Apple's iPhone

(Photos from Engadget and Apple, Inc.)

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