What I did last weekend

On Saturday morning I started to FTP into my Winecast installation and copy down 2+ GB of WordPress + podcasts. I then went about my day while it downloaded. I noticed that a cache folder would not download so instead of just ignoring this I deleted the the folder from my live WordPress install. Big mistake as I crashed WordPress on my main website before I even started my migration to a new server. After a few hours I figured out my problem and started to transfer my website with the old one still up.

Lot of uploads late Saturday night into Sunday as I restored my podcasts and WordPress and waited for DNS to propagate. Then I had fun with SSH and vi commands which is how I loaded my 600 MB SQL database into Media Temple. All ended fine with only a few hours of outage but I thought I totally screwed up my last 2+ years of work several times Saturday night despite my many months of backups on the hard drive.

Great weekend, indeed. All worked out OK, however 🙂

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