What are you optimistic about? Why?

I hadn’t heard about the Edge question until I started reading blogs this morning and saw a couple links. The question is a very good one to start this new year out with, so as I watch the Rose Parade CapitalOne Bowl in HD, I’ll chip away at answering it. And I haven’t yet read any of the A-list bloggers comments yet…

What are you optimistic about?

1. The power of social media
2. The U.S. economy (and therefore the economies of the free world)
3. Web 2.0
4. Apple Computer
5. My chances finding my dream job


1. Social media has changed my life. Since I started podcasting and blogging in late 2004, I’ve met a lot of great people and have somehow figured out a way to scratch out a living for a year since I was ejected from corporate America. In 2007, I will be concentrating on creating a permanent business in this space.

2. Even with the war on terror, an unpopular, lame-duck U.S. President and talk of another internet bubble, the fundamentals of the U.S. economy are good and 2007 looks to be another year of growth.

3. There seems to be two points of view on Web 2.0; one group sees another bubble and dotcom collapse while another sees opportunity and real businesses being built. I’m in the second group, but think there will be some pretty big exit strategies for Web 2.0 companies in early 2007. I came up short in Web 1.0; I’m not going to make this mistake again.

4. For a company that is as transparent as a brick wall, the folks at Apple are masters of buzz marketing. I don’t think it’s by design but because they make really great products. Look for Steve Jobs and company to continue the magic in 2007 with a new release of MacOS and some other interesting stuff.

5. I’ve been scratching the surface of using social media to connect to the right projects and/or companies. That stopped a few days ago and I’m now determined to make something happen. I’ll blog my quest to do exactly what I want to do for my next gig instead of waiting for others to make up their minds if I fit their requirements or not.

Hmm, very interesting stuff; now I’ll have to see what other folks had to say.

And go Badgers!

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