I Guess I Know Movies

Based upon this list, anyway.

My personal Top 5:

1. Lawrence of Arabia – David Lean’s greatest epic. Everything about this movie is perfect; can’t wait for the HD release.

2. The Searchers – Both John Ford and John Wayne’s best work. You haven’t seen a Western until you have seen this film. Looks amazing in HD.

3. The Godfather, Part II – Francis Coppola’s best film to date and the best in the Godfather series. One of the few times Oscar got it right.

4. Once Upon a Time in the West – Sergio Leone is an acquired taste but this is the last great Western filmed in Monument Valley. Watch in a double bill with The Searchers and see all his homages to the earlier masterpiece. One of the best pre-title sequences in movie history and arguably the best score ever.

5. Dr. Strangelove – Kubrick at his peak. Ironic, satirical and chilling all at the same time. Also features George C. Scott’s best performance. Not sure why it puts Garrick to sleep 😉
The only one’s on this list I’ve somehow missed are:

Un Chien Andalou
Children of Paradise / Les Enfants du Paradis

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