It’s all about ‘hustle’

Over the weekend I listened to the latest edition of the CalacanisCast; Jason Calacanis‘ new podcast. However you feel about Jason’s style, you can’t argue with his success as an entrepreneur and his story continues to be an inspiration for me.

Near the end of “beta 8” Jason talks about hustle in the context of making things happen at CES last year and scooping “professional” reporters who were not working before one of the keynotes while he and the Engadget team where busily posting news. This comment got me thinking about my current situation as both a relatively new entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster and, more recently, job seeker.

While it’s true that there are plenty of jobs I could do here in the Twin Cities, there are only a handful I’ve found so far that are really involved in what I am passionate about. Last last week, one of those jobs went by the wayside and I shifted to my normal “lost sale” mode which normally leads nowhere. After listening to Jason’s comments, I decided to try something a bit different and reengaged the hiring manager in a discussion about this job. It could lead nowhere, but I feel better. Who knows, it could turn out to be a turning point.

The comment also got me thinking about what else I could do to hustle more in everything I do. So I’ll be blogging and podcasting more often, networking with an extra person each day and following up more aggressively in my job search. Because I think it’s more about hustle and not the other things I’ve been focused on.

Without social media, I wouldn’t have made this connection; it’s powerful stuff.

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