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I’m a bit late on the draw with my summary of Monday’s MinneDemo 2, but I wanted to add a bit to the conversation. Unlike Graeme and Garrick, I stayed in the main demo room most of the night; a mistake on my part as networking was as much (or more) a part of the event as the presentations themselves. Next time I’d like to see less Powerpoints and more demos of the sites or applications, but I was really pretty pleased with what I saw. It’s really great to see so much Web 2.0 action right in my backyard. I think the venue needs to be larger next time, too.

Best demo: imp by Dan Carroll
Coolest demo: Doomtree Reactive Video Utility by Paul Wenzel & Justin Heideman
Most humorous demo: Mike O’Connor’s bar.com saga

Key takeaways:

  1. Spend more time talking than blogging;
  2. Jamie takes way better pictures than I do;
  3. Graeme nailed the event on his blog after the fact better than I did in real time;

Thanks Dan, Luke, and Ben; lookin’ forward to MinneBar in April (or whenever).

Next stop, PodCamp Minnesota.

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