Can An Old (tech) Dog Learn New Tricks?

I’ve been using Microsoft Word on both the Macintosh and Windows PC’s since 1987. In those years, there have been several updates and features added but the main user interface has stayed roughly the same, if not a bit more cluttered, as time marched forward.

Not so with Word 2007 that I’m now using inside Windows Vista. While I find the new layout to be interesting, I have to say the learning curve is much more extensive than I expected. Just finding all the features I regularly use has been an issue. So I’m not sure if this is a better way to write or just a way for Microsoft to justify an upgrade. I’ll keep posting here on my experiences and my quest to find the “Word 2003 Compatibly Mode” that has to be buried in the menus here someplace (I hope!).

I guess I’m just too set in my ways to change word processor UI’s… sort of like the WordPerfect DOS guys were when Word first came out (menus? function keys are much faster!). Incidentally, I had the same reaction to Apple’s Pages word processor UI; I use Word for MacOS X as a result.

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